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Plant those Presents!

I have a card lying around here somewhere that I’ve been meaning to send to my ASL teacher back at Evergreen and I haven’t done it yet (shame shame). What got me thinking about it again is this pre-seeded gift wrap I found today. When you’re done tearing through all those layers of paper to get at the present inside, you can skip out back (tra la laa) and stick the paper in a hole. Soon enough there’ll be little baby flowers growing from your newly recycled paper. Why throw it away when you can get even more pretties from your presents? It’s not that expensive… especially when you think of it this way: a bunch of flowers will cost at least $30 if you order the damn things online, about $20 from a store in town and they’re already cut and on their way to deadness. With this wrapping paper you can plant it and have live flowers for a long time and maybe they’ll even come back another year! I just wish I could find some in a shop around here instead of having to go on the internets AND I wish I could find some with native species instead of this Icelandic Poppy and German Catchfly business.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even try to make some myself…


I found a company that sells paper things ranging from wallpaper to cards in a green, eco-friendly fashion. Of course, they’re based in Europe, but their products are so pretty and interesting that I had to post about them.

“This year we’ve gone green All our cards and envelopes are environmentally friendly, whether they are boards made from 100% post consumer waste or from mixed sources of recycled material and pulp from certified well managed forests with sound replanting programmes. All the inks used in the printing of our products are vegetable based and all our cellophane bags are compostable and biodegradable.”

Here are some examples of their wrapping paper from three different artists. At two euro, I’d buy that!